Should I ask a pinball musuem curtator for a one-night stand?

Alright, i have a spicy story.

I’m a beginner pinhead. I love pinball machines, and have been working closely with my nearby musuem to further this. Yet, even if it seems plain and simple, things have really derailed from the chosen path.

Insert anon, 46 year old silver fox, who happens to be one of the biggest pinheads in the community across America

It all started with a guiding hand. He started to teach me the care and dedication needed to maintain these machines. However, soon i found myself thinking deeper and more lustful throughts about this man. He hugs me, cares about my day, and gives me chocolate from his secert “bad day” stach. Anon doesn’t do this with anyone else, at least when i’m around at the museum. We have become very close friends in only a couple months.

It’s hard to admit. Friendships are rare with such a nice person like him. My thoughts are getting too bad, too perverted. It’s becoming overwhelming when i’m around him.

So, game plan. Do i ask him to fuck?

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