She needs some space

So, I began dating this girl around may of 2016. We’ve been hanging out ever since and connected very well. We’re at the point to where we hold hands and kiss in public no matter where we are and have sex pretty often, almost as if we were a couple already. Weve even gived each other Christmas gifts and she bought me something for my birthday. From time, she tells me how much she appreciates me, that she wouldn’t want to spend her nights with anyone else and that I’m all she’s focusing on. I haven’t met any of her friends or her any of mine although I’ve invited to some events that she wasn’t able to attend. So overall we’ve been talking for about 7 months so I decided to go for it and ask to be officially my girlfriend. Her response was ” yes, I do but I don’t want to rush things” she told me that her previous relationship broke her and she realized that she needs some space to work on herself. I told her I completely understood and that I will give her some space. Since then, she continues to text me and periodically tells me she misses me. At this point I’m pretty confused and I want some advice as to what to do I this situation. I asked her specifically what she needed me to do in regards to giving her space, because I want to give enough space to work on herself but not to the point to where she thinks I’m pushing her away.

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