She had three guys before me

I’v been living with a girl for like half a year now. It’s best relationship I have ever been in considering trust, sense of humor, bond we have etc. Thing is, I’v only dated and had sex with virgins in the past. She had three sexual partners before me (including a one-night-stand). I feel very happy with her, yet the thought that she had those guys before, putting their dicks in her, especially this guy she wasn’t even in relationship with – it makes me want to vomit and leave her. She also kissed many guys. This is making me very uncomfortable. I don’t know how to overcome this. I feel like she is somehow unclean because of that, it seriously poisons the joy of being with her. You can call me whatever you want, a hypocrite or anything, but it won’t help me solve this disgust issue. I feel ashamed enough to post this, I don’t know how can I  possibly find a cure. I’m 25, she is 22, if that matters. Yes, we already talked about it, but I can’t figure any solution out.

One thought on “She had three guys before me

  1. dude. I literally dont know what to tell you. I just dont know how to phrase this, but you need to know that who she’s been with doesn’t matter. she loves you right? you love her?? then realize that this whole unclean thing is petty. its not only petty, but stupid.

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