Sexual Past Lie


I have been with my fiance for just around a year and a half. We got engaged after only 11 months of dating as we both are madly in love. We are currently 3 months out from our wedding, and the subject of his sexual past came up. When we first started dating, we had many conversations about our past relationships/sexual habits, etc. I was very honest in stating that I wanted to take things slow sexually, because opening myself up to sex with someone is a big deal to me, and I had only ever had sex with men that I was in a serious relationship with. He told me that he was never into one night stands, didn’t sleep around, and really didn’t have much dating experience over all. It recently came out, by accident when he was telling me a vacation story, that he wasn’t completely honest with me about his past. He claims that he only had a one night stand once, and that the other girls he slept with, he was “dating” (his definition of dating is one date, while I see that more as a one night stand). I am trying very hard to get over this, as I know that it was before me, and I can’t hold his past against him. I am accepting that he as slept with other people, just as I have, and these experiences have made us who we are today. However, I am having a hard time getting over the lying about it. I have told him on multiple occasions that one of the things I love most about him, is that he didn’t have that type of past and feels the same about sex being as intimate as I do. It’s like this part I loved about him isn’t real. I love him, and I do want to be with him, but I am struggling with forgetting about the lie, and not overly obsessing over the situation. If he lied about this, are there other things he lied about also?

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