Sexting dilemma

I’m texting the guy I’m going out with, we have plans to go out within the next few days, our conversation starts to heat up and he says he wants to spank me, i told him he has to earn it, he’s on board, wants to know what he has to do… I totally blank, what the hell do I say? How should he earn it?

One thought on “Sexting dilemma

  1. This post is a couple weeks old, but I thought I’d reply. Did you go on your date yet?

    Are you submissive or dominant? Sounds like he wants to dominate a bit, but is willing to be submissive enough to work for it. Are you willing to take the lead? Personally, I would make him worship and pamper you a little before he earns the spanking part. Back rub, foot rub, oral sex, whatever. He wants to make it about you, so make it about you!

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