Sexless and almost meaningless relationship

I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months now, at the beginning our relationship was filled with excitement and passion and we could barely keep our hands off eachother, I wanted to wait for sex but 2 weeks in my attraction to him couldnt keep me away. We had sex constantly and we had an extremely strong emotional relationship. He told me his entire life story, which was very hearty breaking on our second official date. We where so connected…… and now theres nothing. I would like to say that he is considered mentally retarded in its lowest form, which can lead to emotional and communications issues. But at this point he barely talks to me, all he does is play games on his xbox, we havent had sex in almost 2 months, and he barely even touches me anymore, I’m not sure what to do. I know he has troubles because of his mental diagnosis but my happiness and willpower is little to none at this point and I am unsure if I should stay and wait for this “phase” he is going through to pass, or leave him when I get my own place.

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