Sending nudes to the asshole I like

i sent an older guy i like(im in hs hes graduated last year) nudes i dont regret it but i do. like if i could do it over again i would probs do the same thing. after i sent then he slowly started to snap me less and less but is keeping the streak. i honestly hate myself rn and dont know if its because of the nudes or the fact that i would send more if he asked. my mind is a mess and i still like this ass***. what should i do he also saved the nudes in the chat he asked and i said idc(long story y i sent there cause i know i shouldnt have). Someone PLZ helpppp meeee

One thought on “Sending nudes to the asshole I like

  1. Don’t be a lapdog for this guy. Make him come crawling back to you. Talk to other guys and leave him hanging.

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