Relationship & Signs

My husband & I had the worst fight that we’ve had since our marriage.  We’ve been together 7.5 yrs and married for 5. He did something in my face that I neva ever thought or expected him to ever do even if mad @ me & the words “I HATE  U CAME OUT” & that was a 1st for me as well.  Then he kept us the DISRESPECT until I couldn’t take it anymore & @ that point I just wanted him out, away from me, out or my presence so I didn’t have to look @ him so I told him I needed him to leave but of course he wouldn’t so I tol him i was going to call the police & that made him leave quickly. He left with just the clothes on his back. He hasn’t called to make a mends, or been back since. He didn’t takes his meds which he takes twice daily or been back for anything. He’s unemployed & with family. What if anything do you have to say in ref to this?

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