Relationship problems

I an my girlfriend ever since her miscarriage do have verbal arguements. I love her and do want want to loose her.

One thought on “Relationship problems

  1. First off, I am so sorry for you and your girlfriend. I have had 2 friends and 4 family members miscarriage and it does take quite the toll on the relationship. Her body was and probably still is (depending on how recent it was) going through biological changes and the situation will always have a psychological impact on her. The best think you can do for her is be there for her, support her, make sure you both get a chance to talk about this and most importantly love her. If things don’t get better and they get worse and worse, I would then recommend couples therapy or counselling if you can afford it, if not, and you’ve tried everything you could to save things and have an open dialogue but it doesn’t work, maybe your relationship couldn’t survive this major life situation and maybe it’s time to move on- remember, it wouldn’t be because of the miscarriage, it would be because you couldn’t fix the relationship afterwards.

    I hope the best for you and your girlfriend!

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