Relationship problem

So I’ve been dating this girl for a few months and things have been going well, she’s amazing and gorgeous but I just feel like I’m not that into her. She’s gets really worked up over the smallest things ( not in our relationship but in life). She’ll call me up because she’s sad about some stupid stuff, I know I give good advice and it really helps her but I just feel like a therapist at this point and not a boyfriend. I know relationships aren’t always fun and you need to be there for each other but I just think I’m getting tired of it now. I feel like a shit person for having these thoughts and I can’t concentrate about our relationship because I’m scared of what she’s going to come out with next but I’m also scared to leave because I know how fragile she is. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has been in this situation

One thought on “Relationship problem

  1. I would personally re-think why you started dating in the first place. Did you date her because you love/care for her or some other reason? If you care about her I would help her work through it, and maybe tell her to chill out, if what she’s getting worked up about isn’t that bad. If the girl seems like she could have a mental problem (not an insult, i mean depression, anxiety, ext.) then I would actually recommend that she get a therapist.

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