Relationship or Sex?

Do guys “place dibs” on girls and give “hands off” orders to his guy friends for a girl if he just wants sex with her?  I was involved with a guy who treated me like a one-night-stand. Not showing much interest in me as a person (we were platonic friends that discovered we had feelings for each other), but he wanted to do the deed. I ended up not sleeping with him because it felt like a one-night-stand. But I later found out that he had told all of his friends “hands off” of me. Will a guy place dibs on a girl if he just wants a hook-up?

One thought on “Relationship or Sex?

  1. My friends and I personally have never “placed dibs” but if we tell Each other we like a girl we all have enough mutual respect not to go for the girl our friends like. And if she rejects whoever asked her out it usually turns into an unwritten “hands off” rule, kind of like the unwritten rule that you don’t date your friends’ exes.

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