Relationship issues

Ok my boyfriend and i have been talking for 6 months and we haven’t had sex or anything because I am a virgin, and he wants my time to be special, with that being said he feels scared to have sex with me but want to take things slow.
we been dating each other and I did background checks on him, found out he got a curable std before and is in a relationship with a girl. Now I am bisexual so I fully understand this, however what makes this messed up is when he told that he used grindr to pay for expenses such as bills etc but he’s beyond that now. So, I trusted him, days go by I felt as if I’m disconnected so I was like he’s probably depressed because he told me he was, anyways when I found out, he actually was depressed of family situation so I tried to motivate him as a good boyfriend.
The next day I sent my friend a pic of my boyfriend saying hey I have the best boyfriend ever, when they saw the pic, they notified me that they recently met on grinder, exchanged numbers and were texting and video calling mostly in the night. My friend sent me the conversations where they exchanged nudes, called him hon and babe and my boyfriend told him (Kevin my friend) that he will be in his bed soon. When I saw that we spoke about it, and Kevin eventually ended up blocking my boyfriend from WhatsApp, and my boyfriend like oh tell him I want to be his friends because I love anime and I like him.
What’s the issue here?
When I told my boyfriend that when I woke up after these events occurred I was crying because I told him to leave tagged and grindr alone, I asked him if he’s having sex with anybody he said no he turned down his friends with benefits when we went into a relationship and he’s sorry he hurt me, he also said that he have another guy he likes but as it relates to choosing he is not sure about it, because he drives a car and his other crush is like both of us combined which will make a relationship perfect. He loves me and I love him but does he really love me, I know loves turn us blind but hook-up apps make we fucked and the moment he did that behind my back meant something furthermore if he contracted a std before shouldn’t he be glad, he’s fucking a virgin worse I’m committed. Please tell me what you think I should do I’m confused my heart and brain saying two different things, cant think logically rn.

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