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Hy, I am 23 and  I have a girlfriend and we’re in a 2 year relationship. We are about to move to a new country together for further education. We have planned our future and will obviously live together and even our families know about that. But the thing is that she has started to cheat, and I don’t wanna go and start to new life with someone like that. My mental health is already at a bad state even before her and now she keeps adding to it. But here is the paradox, I don’t know if it is 100% a good idea to leave her because over the last 3 years i have started to loose my hair and because of that I have a very low self esteem and Idk that after her I can find anyone even that in a whole new country. And its not like i cannot get girls, that has never been a problem for me but now with all these things combined. I am in ambivert and I dont like to talk to people a lot, so having a probability of making a new girlfriend later in life is already low because of this and now this hair problem. I want to go to  a new country and experience a good life for the first time because i have never been happier in my life because of the family and the college i was in. I care so much about my hair that I even got a prp (surgery for hair loss) done and even started to eat healthy again, but there aren’t any results. She has been supportive with me all the time and also cares a lot about me a lot but along with that she lies to me and cheats. I wanted to break up with her since the 2nd month when i got to know about her lies but i couldn’t do it because the odds weren’t in my favor. And I dont date a lot, this relationship was after a 5 year gap as I didn’t want any random and wasteful relationship to waste my time and energy on because I was cheated on the previous relationship and now i’m stuck with this again. So I am not able to break up with her because i’m losing hair already at this early age and i think because of that i won’t be able to get as good as a girlfriend, which cares about me a lot (but also lies and cheat wtf?). And again moving in to a new country is a life changing decision in which both of are families will get involved and from then things will get even more serious and for me an even deeper hole to get out of, so thats why i want to make the decision fast as we could be moving to a new country in upcoming 2-3 months. Thanks (if you reply).
writer- 3954 (for future reference).

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