Relationship getting me down

Im married with kids and I would usually say I’m happily married however my sex life with my wife has disappeared she has medical issues that basically kill off sex drive. I love her to bits but it is starting to get me down and worried that our relationship doesn’t have a sex life anymore we are both still quite young. I don’t want to say anything to her because I’m there to support her through her problems but I’m finding myself in bad moods a lot and don’t want to let her down by saying I miss getting my leg over because her health is obviously more important than anything. Any advise please

2 thoughts on “Relationship getting me down

  1. Reading this as I was looking for relationship Advice myself. Thought I might be able to help someone else in the process. I have a question about your wife’s situation. Does the medical condition make it unsafe for her to be intimate or just uninterested?

  2. She has two illnesses and basically the most common symptoms for both are lack of sex drive amongst other things.

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