Relationship Communication Problems / Lies

So my girlfriend was ignoring me the past week. I had asked a mutual friend if he knew what was up, he said she was really mad at me. Last night, she reached out and we talked about it, she told me she was nervous about the future when I’m in the military making long distance work, and that if she can’t handle this short quarantine she doesn’t know how to make military life work. Not once did I hear anything about her being mad. We did talk about trying our hardest to make it work, and breaking it off mutually if it’s too hard for us. Today, we talked briefly and now I’m being ignored again. She’s usually very good at replying quickly. I’m not stalking her, but in my normal instagramming and snap chatting I see that she is active. How do I go about addressing the situation, finding out why she is mad, and how to remedy whatever wrongs I have done?

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