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I am a senior in high school and I’ve been dating the same guy for 3 years now. (On & off). He’s the one too always cheat on me, break up with me, compete with me, make me sad, & I try my best too keep us together & I do everything in my power too make him happy. The first time we broke up was a couple months back. He got a brand new car and thought that was the perfect time too cheat on me. But silly me was very in love with him so I thought it was okay because all I wanted was simply too have him back. Once I got him back the 2nd time I was very happy that I finally got him back. (The whole 3 months we was broken up I was very depressed). 3 days after me & him broke up (we was at our 2 year mark), he already found another girlfriend and I came too find out they was talking when we was together. When we got back together I saw his true colors were horrible & that’s not what I wanted. Couple months go by & I decided to do what’s best for me & I moved away for awhile hopping I would lose all feelings for him. During the whole summer I did everything I needed to do. Lost weight, saved up a lot of money, made new friends, & best of all, forgot about him. But once it was time too move back, all the memories came back. I missed him once again. So I once again, made us come back together & it’s this time around. He still hasn’t changed. He always wants too break up, he doesn’t put effort, he just doesn’t love me & I know he doesn’t. It’s hard too face that fact but I came too the realization that he don’t. But no matter how much he hurts me I can’t seem to let him go and I think it’s because I know he will go too someone else very quickly…the thing is…if I’m not fully over him should I keep trying or not? There’s nothing in the world that would make him feel better than for him too hurt me. Please give me opinions on what I should do. I’m better off without him and I know this but I cannot let him go

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