Regret After Rejection (funny reason for rejecting a person)

Regret After Rejection – A True Story from Germany

Once upon a time in Germany there was a lady who really liked a man. The man who was her crush invited her for a first date. They had dinner in a cozy restaurant and everything seems to go fine. She liked him a lot and he, in return, treated her like a gentleman would treat a woman.

After a great evening at the restaurant, he, of course, didn’t want her to pay the bill; therefore, he paid for everything. This is something a high value woman would appreciate. However, this woman rejected him because of this.

The woman didn’t reject him because he didn’t treat her like a queen or because he didn’t pay enough. She loved everything he did and enjoyed the entire evening. Yet, she rejected him and didn’t want to be with him anymore, because she didn’t like his wallet. She didn’t like how his wallet looked. She didn’t even dislike the look of the wallet itself. However, she rejected him because it was a wallet with a hook-and-loop fastener.

After the rejection when she had time to think about it, she regretted rejecting him, just because he had a wallet with a hook-and-loop fastener in order to open or close the wallet. She wanted him to be back, but she wasn’t lucky due to the fact that another woman was quicker. While he was in a relationship with another woman, the woman felt only regret, because she loved everything beside this hook-and-loop fastener.

Would you reject a person because of different taste in fashion or because of how his or her wallet/clothes look like?



















































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