Red Flags

Iv been dating a awesome girl for several months. Things started off crazy she met some crazy junkie offline that ended up being abusive and stole my things because she is my roommate also. Didn’t know her well at the time anyhow finally beat his ass and now he is facing prison time. He was relentless or obsessed with her even though they had only met a couple times. Not long ago he got me on messenger from a fake account and told me how they still be fucking blah blah etc but maybe he is a liar. He lies and steal that’s how junkies do. But he sent a photo of her in our bathroom in the new apartment in which was after the fight. She said she was trying to get my things back but we had already talked and wrote it off.  Wasn’t worth dealing with this violent person. Well we got passed that anyway but today I see on her phone where his mom contacted her wanting her to help her get on touch with his lawyer. she says she was just being nice but I ask why would you help a pos person you really dont even know. She swears it’s nothing more than a dumb decision. I just cant accept that. What do yal think? I wish I could know for sure before I invest my self more. I did get her to download her facebook messages but I ended up saying I dont wanna read them. Maybe I should have but I felt it cause more damage rather I found something or not. What should I do? I really love her alot. Btw we are 36

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