Pregnant hook up

Hi I’m pretty new to this. I’m a 20 year old college student and I met this girl who is 19 on bumble. Basically things progressed and we ended up having a fwb type relationship. During this time she made is clear that she was heading back to her hometown about 3 hours away. Anyways while having sex one night we didn’t use a condom and due to the fact that she had the IUD birth control implant in her arm. Eventually I found out from her that she was pregnant however she had planned to give the baby up for adoption and she had parents already lined up and everything. She told me not to worry that she was giving it up so it didn’t matter and that I should leave and not worry about it ,but recently she has texted me and let me know she intends on keeping it. My question is what do I do she completely flipped on what she told me she was going to do.

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