Please help

So I dated this girl and a few months back I ended the relationship. See she was going to Arkansas for school and over the summer she suggested that we “just have fun” however I’m not that kinda person. I when I’m in a relationship, I’m IN it. So to save myself from relentless self torment I broke it off. Her and I are still on really good terms and we talk over FaceTime from time to time. I mostly just help her with her homework as I am already done with college and she’s still enrolled. Anyways I kinda moved on. I still have deep feelings for her obviously… I mean it’s only been like 2 months and I was in love with this girl. Over the past few weeks I’ve begun talking to this new girl, someone I knew and had mutual friends with in high school, and she’s great too. And then last night happened.. my ex called me because she needed help, and after she finished her homework she started crying during our conversation. When I asked her what was wrong she told me she was sorry for how things ended between us, how since she left she’s been thinking about how we truly could have a future with each other and how she’s sorry for trying to get me to not take us seriously in the end. I guess what I’m trying to say is, now I’m confused. Because I do like this new girl a lot, but my ex is the girl I fell for and someone I saw spending my life with. So I guess I’m just looking for some advice.

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