Please bear with me……I am a professional, mentally stable woman that fell in love with MR. WRONG! 

2 years ago I moved to a new small town to take a new executive job.  Not long after being here I met a man we hit it off right away…..or so I thought!

I hadn’t met many people but he swept me off my feet, he was kind, fun, and the most positive person I had met in a long time! I had heard a rumor around that he had been in trouble in the past but I was told by a mutual acquaintance not to listen to the rumors and that he would tell me when he was ready. Which he did about a month later, he told me that 5 years ago he had been looking at porn and was in a chat room where someone sent him a file which he opened unaware that it contained child pornography. He gave me his probation officer’s phone number and his therapist’s phone number so that I could verify his story.  Which I did.

The probation officer explained that they only found the one file, NO searches for this material, etc. and that basically this guy had no previous history, pretty much the wrong place at the wrong time.  So after talking with family and friends that had met him as well I decided to go with my heart and continue seeing him.  YES, I KNOW stupid me!

Fast forward 2 years he stays with me often and I found a burner cell phone that he had been using secretively but I could not hack into it.  When I confronted him he says he had it to just look at regular porn since he can’t look on his phone, and told me he destroyed the phone.  Well, of course, I did not believe him, so I put a nanny cam up, and I almost wish I hadn’t! I watched the footage remotely and unfortunately it did not save but he was definitely watching porn.  The TV was on the news but in the background, I heard a small child and a lady.  I could not understand anything being said but felt sick! I told this MOFO to leave and that we are over, but now he is being super insistent on “making this work” hahaha and is not taking me seriously.

Now for my question …..I have almost called his probation officer multiple times because  I feel guilty knowing that he could have been looking at this disgusting, repulsive, sexual assault of a CHILD the guilt and disgust is eating me alive!   I have not yet called though because like I said earlier this is a VERY small town and my children go to school here and because of my job.  Secondly, I do not have proof and I do not know for sure what he was looking at other than what my gut is telling me.  So should I suck up my pride and risk my reputation to call or do I just keep my mouth shut and stay FAR FAR away?

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