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This girl i been taking to for about 6 months, I’ve caught feelings for her and told her. She told me she was very glad i told and she she thanked me, but unfortunately she likes someone else but he doesn’t like her back. I told her if she would consider being my girlfriend and she told me she doesn’t want to take her frustration out on me because he rejected her. I’m sure she would date me if she never knew him. How can i tell her not to worry about her putting her frustration and stress on me. But i also need to give her time to move on. How long should i wait? Any tips/advice? I’m not giving up on her. Idk what to do. I don’t know how to tell her to give me a chance and maybe consider it when school starts, that way she’ll be moved on and we see eachother again and see where it goes, i want to tell her we should discuss about it and plan something. I don’t want her to feel pressured and i don’t want to constantly keep bothering her with him. My brother told me i should text her once or twice a week, to check up on her and be nice to her so in 2 months maybe she will come around and consider the relationship with me. He said that so i won’t get friend zoned. But I’m not really all for that plan but he told me maybe this will be a win- win situation.

P.s ( me and her are both going to the 10th grade)

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