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Truly Anonymous Relationship Advice est. 2008

No matter your age, religion, sexuality, etc. you can post open and anonymously. The only rule is don’t use your real name, and don’t publicly bash others. If you’re wanting to rant, feel free, but don’t mention names or other personally identifiable information.

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Ask your question 100% anonymously – posted live on the website!

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Ask your question 100% anonymously – just open the live chat box and start typing! I’m here 24/7 and I’m not a bot! Sometimes I’ll take a few minutes to respond but always try to be available. I do not charge for this service, so please forgive me if I’m unavailable periodically.

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We use funds from Google AdSense and Shopify sales to keep the website up and running (hosting, marketing, beer fund). I’ve had this running over the years through different monetization methods and I feel that the route I’m currently taking is a good balance. I’m not out to make millions, simply to be an open ear to others. I’m in the United States, but it doesn’t matter where you’re at!

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