Not sure how to proceed.

hey there. Never done this, so bear with the growing pains if you will 🙂

I’m “Klowdee”, I’m married, and have been for 6 years, actually last week was our anniversary. Basic back story is, dated a short period, broke up, found out we were pregnant, decided to make it work, and have since. Married after having our oldest, and have had our share of ups and downs since while adding another daughter 2 years ago. We’ve been through counseling together about a year ago, which helped, but we’ve since hit a plateau again I feel.

So all that out of the way, my wife is currently away for a few days for work, and anytime shes away for work, it always seems the family comes second. I understand she gets busy, but when shes home, even if were both working, she finds time to send a text now and again. I have to initiate contact 99% of the time shes away for work (and shes not even far away, maybe 20 miles, but staying on site makes more sense for this convention) which is frustrating on its own, until this morning.

My phone was having problems with my alarm application (These updates from iOS with third party apps is irritating to say the least), but I got up in time to get our oldest off to school, the application tied up my phone and didn’t allow calls or texts to come through, when I finally fixed it (within 2 minutes or so) her call came in, and I don’t think she expected me to answer as I caught the tail end of a statement from her to someone “…Well someone has to be the responsible parent” I said Hello? and she snapped back to reality and just went on like nothing was wrong.

I text her shortly after that I heard her statement, she replied it was to her close friend (she works with, I know this woman and would call her a friend as well) and only the close friend. She replied (in a nutshell) shes trying to delegate at this convention, my sister was blowing up her phone asking if I got the oldest to school (which she couldn’t get through either with the app being a pain) on time etc. and it was overwhelming for her. I stated she can tell herself whatever she wants to try and make it justifiable, but in the end it was still a very “$h!tty” thing to do. Her reply was and I quote “Thanks. I suck. I’m an @$$hole and I’m a horrible human.” (which is the response I’ve gotten in the past anytime she had too much to drink and puts herself in bad situations like not being able to drive home or having the kids nearby whilst intoxicated to that extent, but this time shes totally sober.)

At this stage, I don’t know what I should do. She comes home a couple days from now, and doesn’t have the time to discuss it over the phone currently, which I wouldn’t want to use a phone anyways for this. But I don’t know how to proceed.

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