Not one to send nudes

Hi so recently I started dating a guy and we really hit it off at first. We get along really well and have a lot of the same interests, the only problem is that because of where I go to school, we are going to be facing long distance for a long time. A few weeks ago he asks me to send nudes so that there is still stimulation and anticipation for the next time we see each other. Now, call me prudish but I outright refused. Even though I trust that he won’t spread it around, I don’t like the idea of something so personal being “out there”. He was willing to compromise at first but he has brought it up a few more times and he’s upset that I’m not budging. I asked for advice from some of my closest friends and they said I was being stubborn and that nudes were nbd anymore, especially if I was using an app like Snapchat, which I was. At this point, I’m not sure what to do. I’ve explained this much to him and he thinks I’m being overly paranoid and I understand that it’s tough to go a year or more without any sexual stimulation but I’m worried that these pics will resurface at some point in like a job interview or something important. Please give me any advice that you have. Cheers.

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