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I met a girl in college at the start of the year and every time I’ve been around her we’ve really hit it off and spend the whole time talking to each other. Over the summer I decided I would finally grow some balls and ask her out. So, before classes started back up and I knew she was back in town, I told her that I wanted to take her out on a date. She replied with, “That’s sweet but I’m actually not looking for a relationship right now.” I told her I totally understand given that this is our last year and she’s from another state, it makes sense.

I can’t help but feel like I gave up too quickly and that I should tell her how I really feel. I wasn’t particularly looking for a relationship either but she’s smart beautiful and has a contagious personality. I’m also aware that the whole “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” excuse can also just be a nice way of saying “you’re not the right guy,” But I’m being hopeful here I guess.

This kind of response is all too familiar for me, but I never pursued any girl further after that. I’m really infatuated with this girl and I’m tired of getting nowhere in starting relationships, but I also don’t want to force her into it.
Any advice would help.

2 thoughts on “Not looking for a relationship

  1. I’d say just go with the flow. Continue to hangout with her and see where things will end up. It may be all too soon to start anything serious still, and you have to keep your options open if she ends up never coming around.

  2. Respect what she says and please dont be a creep about it. You asked her out, if she wanted to go on even a single non-serious date with you, she would have said yes. I know its non-ideal and not what you want to hear, but please dont be that creepy guy at school who thinks friendship is some sort of consolation prize.

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