Not a guy but need help with guys

  • Okay, so as I previously stated I’m not a guy but I need help with guys. So a while back, I told this guy that I liked him, and we dated/not dated, (because I’m not old enough yet), and I felt like everything was going too fast, so I told him that I wanted to put things on pause for a year until I could actually date.
  • So, a month after I told him I I wanted to put things on pause, I realized I had lost virtually all feelings I possessed for him. He is so sweet and nice and has been hurt by other girls before and I really, REALLY would never ever want to hurt him. How can I tell him I’m not interested in him anymore?

One thought on “Not a guy but need help with guys

  1. There’s no easy way out of it – you have to bite the bullet and let him know you aren’t interested. You don’t have to be specific, you just have to be honest and sincere, “I know we were talking about the possibility of a relationship, but that’s not what I want anymore”.

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