No previous relationship, am I ready for marriage?

Hi Dudes, I was hoping to pick your collective brains on this one. I’ve been on a journey of personal improvement over the past year or so and am now in a place where i’m ready for a relationship. I’m 31 years old and think i’m ready for marriage. However, having no past relationship experience scares me. Should I try to start casually dating, or should I focus on finding “the one”?

I’m a decent looking guy who gets checked out by women and even “bumped into” or “brushed up” by them frequently in public as a signal of interest. I’m great with talking to girls and flirting with women who I don’t view as a love interest. The problem is, as soon as I see a woman i’m attracted to, I freeze up, or get really nervous, stumble on my words, and generally not act my best self. Whats worst, many times it makes the woman uncomfortable when I’m in this insecure mindset and things get extremely awkward. A part of me wants to conquer this and date women casually to gain relationship experience.

On the other hand, I can see my self settling down with someone soon. My family is also pressuring me to get married. My family would prefer I marry within my community and I struggle with this, as I generally think its a good idea (for mutual cultural understanding), however, I have a hard time meeting women from my community and I’m generally not attracted to them. Help! What path do I take?

Thanks in advance,
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