New relationship, ex still in her life

I met someone about 6 weeks ago, shes amazing and everything im looking for, we click more than anyone and im so excited to live a future with her. The only issue is that her ex is still in her life (normally wouldn’t bother me) but feel like hes a thret. I don’t let her know it bothers me and i dont want to be the bad guy, but the ex seems to be a interesting guy, he constantly texts her and end up yalking about him and her, history and how he wants to get back together. She broke up with him about 5 months ago, they had a 6 year relationship. This morning he called her and he was in hospital after a night out (was on drugs and went to far) and apparently done this before. He called her because he ‘can’t call anyone else’ including his family. How do i go about talking to her about it? Im slightly suspicious but i dont want to come to any conclusions or scare her away.

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