New baby or not?

My parent and I have recently been talking about having another baby, which it excites me and I love being a dad, I have a 3 year old daughter and I want another possibly 2 kids but recently me and my parent have been having problems which we don’t agree on, I now have doubts about having another baby because I don’t want to have another baby if things aren’t going to work out

One thought on “New baby or not?

  1. Disclaimer: I have no babies.

    But … I did just run into a friend of mine who had his second baby just over a year ago. He seemed very stressed out and tired, exhausted. He confessed that if you think having one baby takes up your time and your private life, don’t have two.

    What I’m saying, if you’re already having problems I don’t think the pressures of another baby will help those issues. And as a divorce child myself I don’t recommend people make babies unless they’re sure they can together or separately, provide a stable and loving home free of serious conflict.

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