Need advice on sex with my gf

Hey guys I’m just confused on what I should do but pretty much my gf of 2 years asked me few weeks if we can stop having sex because she has been under a lot of stress from her family, school, and studying for her MCAT. She said she doesn’t know when we can go back to having sex it all depends on when she gets into a better place but the problems is that’s she’s been under a lot of stress for honestly over a year of our relationship and sex hasn’t been that consistent for that entirety. Every time I tried to make a move I got shot down during the past year and I don’t really know what to do. We’ve talked about it every few times and she just tells me to be patient but I’ve been patient for a year and idk if I can continue. The first half year we were together we had sex consistently and everything was good. With the her wanting to stop temporarily for the past month I don’t her trying to make an effort to destress or find ways to. I’ve told her after you get done with your test theirs still going to be stress and anything can come up to stress you out even more. I truly do love her but it’s really getting hard for me to be patients and I honesty need advice on what I should do and just some input in general.

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