Narcissistic ex trouble

I am a girl. I have had in a relationship in past and it had turned bad for both of us. He is narcissist. I was not really happy around him. I come from a conservative background. After i brokeup, initial days were just fine, but everything turned upside down. He started abusing me,  cursing me,  did try to physical abuse me many times. He did threaten to defame me, and had started doing so which drastically affected my friend circle. All he wanted was i should stay with him. He couldnt see my happiness. He was constantly threatening me of reaching out to my parents,  lodge a police complaint against me and what not. I had tried to block him many times. But i was so scared by his threats and his ultimate actions that i gave up on that i really started to talk with him back but dint come into relationship. He yet again started controlling my life. I built up courage to talk to my friend and they pulled me out of this. Boys mother knows about all this too. But i havent got any significant supoort from her aince he isnt under her control. I have blocked him from every means and has even left my city but he is constantly pestering me but contacting by some or the other means. What should i do? Without harming my career and my family?

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