My wife might be cheating

3 nights ago my wife was out late for a business dinner. I expected her home around 10pm. At about 11:30 that night, a man I have never met calls to tell me my wife had too much to drink, and so he is putting her in a hotel room for the night. He said she was too drunk to call herself, but not to worry he was taking care of everything. She returned home the next morning with no memory of the night before, and a large bruise on her arm. She claims nothing happened but I am worried.

One thought on “My wife might be cheating

  1. Try and think about other supporting evidence; does she get drunk often? When she does get drunk does she generally drink too much? Even if it’s rare, is she capable of it? Have you seen her get so bad she couldn’t walk?

    If so, then the story is completely plausible. Drunk people get bruises.

    Is there any other supporting evidence that she might be cheating at all or are you basing it all one this one night? Are there trust issues generally in your relationship? I think if it was just this one night you might be reading too much into it. And it would be a pretty ballsy move for the guy to phone you and explain the situation as a straight lie. Surely it would’ve been safer to just not say anything and let her explain that story in the morning if they were going to lie about it?

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