My Wife Doesn’t Love Herself

2 years ago my wife cheated on me. I was going to leave her, but we talked, and I realized she wasn’t trying to replace me. She just wanted extra sex.

Since then we’ve explored our sexuality together. 3somes, gang bang parties,nkink and fetish play, roleplay, etc. I’ve gotten tired of it myself, but she continues to play with my blessing.

Then she wound up earning herself a stalker. One of her play partners decided he was in love, that she belonged to him, and that she had no choice in the matter. The police had to get involved. It was ugly. She said she was done playing around.

A month later she wasn’t done any more. She made an account on fet life and joined a fetish community. I met them at a group event, they’re actually good people, oddly enough.

Then she got an ad about becoming a cam model. (The classy way of saying camwhore) she was interested. I told her it was irresponsible to waste her sexuality on crass materialism, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Then, despite our bank account being strapped after an emergency expense due to an automotive breakdown, she bought a 145$ webcam.

Despite my disagreement, she went ahead and started camwhoring. Made decent money at it, too, not that any amount of money is worth self-deprecation for the amusement of strangers.

Then one of these customers of hers offers to send her on a round-trip vacation to Hawaii to meet him in person. All expenses paid by him. Sounds fuckin fishy right? My wife thinks this is PERFECTLY NORMAL AND REASONABLE.

I have told her she’s probably going to get raped or worse. Her kink group told her she was going to get raped or worse. A former sex trafficker told her she was probably going to get raped or worse. Her coworkers told her she was probably going to get raped or worse. Her sister, (who it turns out is also a camwhore) told her she was going to get raped or worse.

She’s leaving in 6 days. What the fuck do I do? She’s a grown adult, I can’t hold her captive, even if she is my wife! How do I protect her from this?!?!

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