My parents hate the person i want to be with

Hi, i’m currently 18 going off to college.

The story begins when i was 12 i fell in love with  a guy older than me, he was 18. We had a thing for a while and eventually my parents found out. When they found out i got in SO much problems of course and my parents ended up hating him. They thought he was just using me and he didn’t really love me and that he was sick for liking a girl so young.

After 6 years i had my few “relationships” and i still talked to him once in a while just to check up on each other. After 6 years we still care about each other. He’s 24 now, and all i know is i want to be with him over time. I know after college i want to end up with him.  What i am is scare because my parents hate him and they dont even know the truth. I dont what to do, i dont know if i should just give  up or keep fighting.
what would be your advice?

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