My married professor has been hitting on me

This dude has been hitting on me and even claimed to have feelings for me, only to go after the next blonde girl after some time.
I didn’t let anything physical happen between us (I was too shy for that and the situation was too unclear and mind you, I’ve never had a boyfriend before) and I’m glad it’s like that. Still, I feel hurt that he obviously simply sleeps around while believing he’s “in love” for a few months. Because I did develop feelings for him since he was so persistent and I liked him from the beginning anyway.

I trusted him a lot in the past and feel betrayed as a woman and as a student. Legally speaking it’s not prohibited and I’m old enough to “know what I’m doing”. So I’ve been stuck with this emotional mess. I decided to change professors so I won’t see him again but it is annoying to know that he’s been keeping me in a limbo for some time, never explaining what exactly he wanted from me but making it seem like I’m the one and only. Only for me to find out that he’s after some other girls all this time.

I really need to restore my faith in humanity and men and pedagogical ethics. Feel extremely stupid for all of this.

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