My husband wants another wife, but I can’t live with that

I’ll try to keep this brief. I don’t want to bore anyone.

Basically 5 months ago I met my now-husband while being in a North African country. So he’s Muslim and I was Christian. Despite this difference we began to love each other, as he told me he had broken up with his ex girlfriend. Even blocked her after she had done some crazy things, like attacking him and his family members, since he told her he was now with me. Weeks passed and she had disappeared. They were not in contact. My relationship grew with him, we decided to get engaged. Then she randomly called him and said she was in the hospital. She was gonna kill herself since she couldn’t be without him. He was seriously bothered by this and of course me too…I cried for her and said I didn’t want her to die.  This was just the beginning of the web she wove of lies. She talked badly about him to his friends (so he lost all his friends). She posted videos of herself wearing scandalous clothing, hanging out with other guys, in the same time that she said she was in the hospital sick. So I realized she was just lying about the hospital. I called her and messaged her and I said finally I have to know the truth…do you love him or not? She said no she really did not love him. He is a dog. She finished with him. I said ok it’s over and we stayed like that for a few happy months. We got married, he and I.

2 days ago she came crying to his mother (who has a soft heart) and basically said everything she did was a mistake, just to get back at him for being with me. She thought he only was with me to get papers of marriage then leave the country. But she said now that she knows he loves me, she can try to accept it. Meaning that she wants to be friends now, with me, but she says she can’t be without him. And he told me that when she first met him, she bit him because she was angry so we can conclude that she is crazy. She messaged me telling me to change my social media profile picture because it had him in it. I said no because he’s my husband then she got so angry.

Now, we are going to meet the three of us together and discuss a solution. For me, I never would have imagined having to share my husband with someone, let alone his absolutely crazy ex. I can’t imagine him taking another wife and what kind of life that would be in the future. I don’t even want her holding his hand. Let alone kissing and sex.  I was understanding up to a point, but I simply realised that I cannot live with them being more than friends. At all. He told me now he has started to get feelings for her again, despite all the bad things she’s done for him. At this point I want to give him the ultimatum of me or her, but I already tried to leave him once before and he said if I leave him he’ll kill me. Now he says the same thing that he can’t live without me and if I divorce him he’ll kill me because I can’t be with anyone else. So I can’t divorce him. But also I can’t accept him marrying her as well.

I feel hopeless and lost. I prefer to just die than to deal with all of this.



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