My guy and I have been living together for 7 years. We have sex once a week. Back when we first got together, he would get aroused the minute he saw me, but now, he rarely looks at me. Our relationship is good. We never argue or fight. Men and women alike tell me that I have an amazing body and that I carry myself well. I am not concerned about him cheating. I am aware that he flirts with other women and I am okay with that. What really makes me feel very insecure is that other women “turn him on”. I have to go down on him or touch him to get a rise and feel that I no longer turn him on visually. I have called him out more than once, but he continues to stare at other women. He also wakes up an hour earlier than I do and when he gets dressed with me in the mornings, he still has a chub? Is that normal? I have worn super short shorts for him around the house and short dresses with no panties, and he barely bats an eye at me.