My crush is driving me crazy

help! Basically I’m a junior in high school and I recently moved to an new school in September. Ever since about November of this year I’ve noticed this really cute guy in the hallways. I fell for him hard & fast. In the beginning , we would constantly exchange eye contact and he would check me out or try to sit somewhat near me at lunch, but now I’ve been seeing him less and less and also trying to forget about him. It just seems like I can’t. I found his Instagram and I don’t know if I should request to follow or not. Maybe because we don’t have mutual friends and he’s a more introverted guy , he could be afraid to talk to me? But what if the feelings aren’t mutual. He’s seen me a million times in the hallway and I feel like requesting him would be creepy for him? I can’t decide if it’s the best or worst decision ever. Part of me wants to follow him, but then again am I just gonna hurt myself by seeing his page? I guess I could unfollow if I had to but ugh I don’t know what to do… help!

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