My boyfriend won’t communicate

My boyfriend and I haven’t been intimate.  Nothing other than kissing and we sit like 2 feet apart from each other all the time. I still want him and try to initiate things but I always get rejected. And I know that there’s something that I’ve done wrong  because he said that there’s something that I’ve done but he doesn’t want tell me what it is because apparantly it’s better that I don’t know. So I’m stuck in this loop feeling like  I’m not good enough for him. That’s the only problem with that situation. He’ll make me feel guilty by telling me that I’ve ruined his day because he didn’t get to do what he wanted but never expressed what he wanted to do or even tell me when I go out of my way and ask him. He tells me that I never let him do what he wants and that it’s impossible for him to do certain things when he hasn’t even brought up what he wanted to actually do. So that makes me feel like all I’m doing is bad when really I’m trying so hard to fix this and I’m putting myself through shit just so I can feel shittier afterwards

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