My boyfriend has a nude photo of his female friend

Overall, my boyfriend and I have a fun relationship. He’s a very thoughtful individual, and we get along in most ways. For over two years I’ve been completely trusting of my boyfriend’s friendships, male and female. This includes a particular female friend that is a stripper (not that her occupation is relevant necessarily). I recently discovered a nude photo he has of this female friend. Coincidentally, it was the same night I discovered he punched a hole in a wall in my house. He obtained the photo before I met him, about 7 months before we met. When I asked him how he obtained the photo, he said he found it on her hard drive when he was helping her do something on her computer. I asked him if she knows he has it, and he said no. He says he’s embarrassed and forgot he had it. For a little more context, this female friend also doesn’t like me (she’s been very vocal about this). I’m trying to make sense of this situation.

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