morel dilemma with Ex

o I was seeing this woman for a little over a month and it was a pretty intense relationship but it came to a halt recently because she said she needed space & that I was too needy.   Truth be told this is probably fair.   We are still friends but something came up today that I’m not sure how to deal with.   She said she had an ex not long ago that treated her badly and she said that he posted nude & sexual pictures of her on a porn site (actually a fetish site).  When we were dating I asked her to tell him to take them down & she said she wasn’t speaking with him.  One of the things she also didn’t like was that I would ask her a lot of questions about her past relationships & she thought I was too obsessed with that.   So now the dilemma.  Today I found that site & those pictures and I cant see why she would want these pics online.  some show her face which he told her none did.   I’m not judging her by the pictures because I know she is very sexually adventurous and trusting and we explored some kinky areas ourselves.  But now they were are not together (though I would like to be) should I tell her I saw them ?   I don’t think she is aware what’s out there & how he might be sharing it.  Its illegal what he is doing but I don’t want her to be mad at me for snooping around online to find them.   I really care about her & want to help her but I can only get so involved here.  What should I do?

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