Mixed signals


I and ‘x'(the guy) have known each other for 5 years now. We became good friends and later FWB. Our FWB has turned quite weird recently. So I’ll just give short pointers as to why I say weird.

1. We live in two different states and have to take special time out owing to a busy schedule and the distance to meet each other.

2. We have hardly slept with other ppl. As to the best of my knowledge.

3. We hardly talk but when we do it feels as though we have to date each other for years now.

4. When I ask him if he wants us to date or can I see other ppl since we aren’t exclusive his usual response is “we have known each other for years and you have dated before. Dumped them and we were back again. Meet anyone you wish to because I know for a fact that we would end up together. Rest I don’t wish to dictate your life so you can date as you please but be careful.”

My concerns – if we are that close (or at least I feel that way) why isn’t he committing? Also, will he ever commit? Should I stop waiting for this to work out and date other men and end our FWB for good?

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