Mixed Signals?

I have a male friend of 3 years. I’ve fallen in love with him and tried to move past it. At one point I told him how I felt and it wasn’t reciprocated, but we’ve mended our friendship. The other day I had a date. He kept teasing me about it all night(we work together) and then like an hour after he gets off work he texts checkin in on it. He’s never done this before. Why is that? Then when I didn’t respond to one of the texts he follows up with, “you didn’t respond though”

One thought on “Mixed Signals?

  1. Many times men like the attention and the chase from a woman and when she places that attention somewhere else, they may appear to be jealous. But it’s not real jealousy just selfishness. In the few events where the guy doesn’t realize that he really cares for the girl until she goes out with someone else, he will immediately tell her of his change of feelings. He will not waste any time. So, if he is really jealous and interested he will tell you that he likes you now. If he doesn’t, no matter how much he acts like it or tries to be funny with you he is just doing it because he likes the attention you give him.

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