mixed feelings and confusion

A couple months ago, this guy confessed to me. It was over text. I didn’t even care if it was over text because I really liked him. He and I gave each other hints about our crushes until we confessed. Then, me being a coward, got scared. It suddenly became harder to approach him, and it got really awkward. I avoided him because I was too scared to talk to him. But then, he gradually got more distant, and I felt like I was losing meaning in his heart. And me, being really stupid, decided to talk about other guys. Talking about guy friends. Maybe I was hoping he would get jealous, but he was indifferent towards it. I don’t know what happened next. He said he was grounded, we stopped texting a lot (we used to text for hours each day), and eventually, there was one night. I went to sleep early. We used to text a lot but now he only texted me around 9. I got tired of waiting countless hours for a single text, and headed to bed. The next day I sent a message saying “oops. i slept early. sorry.” and he didn’t text me back for a full week. Then it became a month. And it passed by. Him and I acted like we didn’t know each other. I knew deep down that he had forgotten and didn’t care about me, but I was hoping it wasn’t true. We never dated anyways, but I had so many memories with him. I showed him a version of myself that I wasn’t really happy with, but it was because i trusted him. And now, after months of lying to my friends and to myself, I know I still like him. But I overheard one of his friends telling each other: “He probably never liked her anyways.” And then, since then, I’ve spent nights crying thinking about how stupid I was to let down all my walls. I don’t know what to do anymore because I sit next to him in a couple classes. I’m too much of a coward to confront him. I don’t even know what went wrong. Are there any ways to get over him?

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