Mixed feelings

  • I am a college student  . Once I was working on a project that wasn’t in college and I met someone (he was the scriptwriter ) whom I think I fell in love with. I don’t know if there is something mutual between us because since we stopped the project because of corona we barely talked but when we were filming he was overly nice with me specifically and he told about himself and also said to me that I am able to understand him without him having to talk. I took it as a sign of attraction and the next day was the last day of filming and I began falling for him. He told me he writes poems which I found so attractive also and when I looked him up I found we have common friends and I knew more about him. He’s so polite and gentle and well mannered he’s almost perfect in my eyes even though he has some personality issues (he likes being dominant) but that’s normal. I don’t know whether I should continue with that feeling knowing that it gives me positive energy even if we don’t talk that much. I try to keep a conversation going and he always replies fast and gives me the best advice. But still we are not friends and I would rather die and not confess my feelings for someone although I love him so much. I literally be dreaming about him all night then leave him on read for a week or two. It’s just who I am I can never show affection unless he confesses first. Now i have mixed signs and I’m not sure about anything even the continuation of our project. I love him so much that I imagine him getting intimate with me as my husband but at the same time I will never show him this love and I am not actually ready for the commitment of a marriage or relationship. What should I do?

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