So I’ve been texting with this guy nearly for year and half, we live 700 miles apart.. we have sooo many things in common from interests to aspirations and he’s just super nice and really cares about others (i’m so in love i know but it’s true i swear) ..but that’s where our similarities end and where i get really insecure.. he’s super social and had this really good looking gf (i know but who doesn’t do that! it’s stuck in my head because i was always excluded anytime i was trying to fit in based on my looks)..
NOW even tho it’s hard i’m trying my best to be positive and stay with my feet on the ground.. it was now or never so I went for a solo trip and i’m about to meet him in two days.. i never had a relationship before and frankly i don’t understand what does he find so eye-catching about me ..i’m just super awkward around people but my biggest concern is that he doesn’t like my appearance.. he says it’s not important.. that he likes me because he’s never got connected with someone like this.. but it’s just too good to be true.. what do i do!!!
Time to time i was getting really mixed signals, he just used to disappear and do his things, other times he got in topics like kidssss and namesss and stuff.. what does that even mean, does guys start topics like this with anyone?

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