Lower attraction

I have a girlfriend for 9 months, she frighted for me, I liked other girl but she frighted for me and we got in relationship. At the beginning she was always texting all the time when we were not together physically, giving me huge warmth everything, cared a lot, i was a bit unsure about relationship but she loved me, then I also fell in love with her, step by step, we came to the relationship that she is traveling now and from September going abroad for studies, she has lot to do, after her first trip that she started traveling, I am feeling that the warmth and time for me and careness lowered down. She says she loves me just has lot to do and that is the reason. She really has lot to do but I really many times told her that she needs to be more closer to me and giving me more time and everything. I know that this may be logical but i feel that the relationship is completely different , I am not sure if there is some reason behind, i trust her but still. We have sex and she says she loves me but she does not feel so excited when I look at her. The first 3-4 months were amazing. Now I feel that she lost interest in me a bit. I am sending to her huge texts of love and warmth, she also responds with that but not as I expect , just shortly.

How can I identify is the relationship going to break step by step? Or what should I do?

There was also some jealousy from my side about her friend, I an bow confused what to think and what to do with the relationship.

Just like I am chasing her, but she says hat she loves me.

Advise me something please

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