Love interest is becoming my boss

so I started a new job a few months ago and I noticed one of the people there flirted with me quite a lot. few weeks go by and we are now chatting and just harmless flirting. couple weeks after that and we are talking almost every day with heavy flirting talking about sex etc. we go out in their car to chat about our feelings and they try it on with me. we kiss and they ask if I want to go back to theirs. I say no and that’s about it. we chat about how we are feeling and agree to take it slow, have more of a fwb situation and build on the emotions during (sounds stupid now I’m typing it out). a couple of days ago we do the devil’s tango and today they have told me they may be taking on the role of one of the team leaders on my department… I’ve said to this person in the past that having a relationship with someone you work with isn’t a good idea anyway but now it’s been confirmed they are taking on this role and we have agreed to no longer flirt, or to just continue whatever we have full stop. it wasn’t at a serious enough stage to be really be heartbroken over it but I’m still trying to process it? I’ve only been single since November (from a 5+ year relationship) so I’m still trying to be happy with myself rather than with being happy with another person. not sure if life is trying to test me right now by allowing me to catch feelings for someone then whip out the stop sign haha. I’m only 19 so I understand I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I probably shouldn’t even be worrying about this but this is only the second person in my life that I’ve been interested in and perused something with. I basically need advice on what to do moving forward. i’ve said I’d like to remain friends as we have confined in each other about our mental health and all that jazz so it would be a bit weird to act as if nothing happened. thanks.

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