Love & Chances

I’m getting attached to a guy who made me feel things I wasn’t ready to feel. There are things that bother me about him that I don’t want to be stuck with, such as:
He doesn’t go down on me. I gave him mad head for three months, hoping that he would reciprocate. Brought it up at the end of that time. Things haven’t changed, so I stopped giving head. I don’t want to be that but I’ve been taken advantage of before AND stopped seeing a crazy sexy guy that LOVED to go down on me because I wanted to explore these feelings with this current guy.
Sexy guy been texting and, though I know I’ll likely never love him, he’s a lot of fun until love does catch me again.
Love isn’t so rare in this world. Why should I put up with this when I’ve brought it up a few times and it’s not improved? It will hurt to leave him but I don’t want to fall harder for a guy that doesn’t go down. I will cheat and get it from somewhere, and I don’t want to do that to someone I love.

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